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Originally designed and launched in 1969 by Robert Mandry, the Mini-powered Scamp kit car has been developed over the years to become one of the most versatile vehicles available - proven suitable as both a useful everyday vehicle as well as a formidable off-roading steed. Originally available from the Connaught Garage in Brookwood, Surrey, Robert Mandry developed the angular Mark 1 Scamp, which several years later gave way to the well-known box shaped Mark 2.

 Prince Juan Carlos of Spain with a Mk1 Scamp.

Robert Mandry also developed the RTV vehicle

Robert Mandry

The Scamp Motor Company passed to Andrew MacLean of East Grinstead in 1987, who whilst still producing the Mark 2, has broadened the range to include the current Mark 3, available since 1989: more recently the introduction of 4x4 versions based on either the Suzuki or Daihatsu chassis. The Mark 2 and Mark 3 Scamps in long wheelbase form can be built as six wheelers, and with a whole host of different power units (from 850cc to 1400cc) and infinite modifications, it is true that no two Scamps are the same.


Designed and built as an all-purpose vehicle, combining many commercial applications with fun and leisure use, the Scamp has always been built for longevity utilising an immensely strong ERW steel multi-tubular design, clad with high quality aluminimum body panels. Add one A-Series transverse engine, standard Mini front and rear non-hydrolastic suspension: the rest is very much up to the owner, giving a diverse range of finished Scamps.

Options of soft and hard tops, a cab kit with doors, wheel arch extensions, tail-gated chassis, rear suspension radius arm extensions for larger wheels, a selection of bumpers, bull bars and spare wheel carriers, the combinations are infinite!

Robert Mandry also developed and pdroduced a four wheel drive vehicle call the RTV.
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